Annapolis County Trails for Walking & Hiking

Annapolis County Trails, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Annapolis County Trails boasts some really great walking-hiking trails and they are still opening more.

One of their first trails opened the Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail takes you around an old abandon village where you will see and read about the history. Then out to the shores of the Bay of Fundy to take in the highest tides in the world.

The newest trail the Old Mill Trail is fully wheelchair accessible and follows along the beautiful Annapolis River.

They have woodland trails, marsh trails, trails around water and of course history themed trails.

As you travel around these trails do not be surprised at the amount of people who will say hi to on the trail. Many of the local residents use these trails daily and they are all a very friendly bunch.

Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail, Annapolis County, NS

I have comprised a list of the Trails in Annapolis County that I have found. You will find this list below.

Some of these will have a link to a page with more information about that particular trail.

I bet you know of other walking-hiking trails in Annapolis County! Or maybe you have hiked on the ones I mentioned and can add more information about it! We'd love to hear your comments about these trails - good or bad.

Do you have a special story about your hiking, or a "must share" photo taken while you were following a trail in Annapolis County? If you do we would love to hear about them!

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The Annapolis County Trails

  • Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail - This trail is owned by the Municipality of Annapolis County and is located along the Bay of Fundy Shore.
  • Roxbury Road Trail - The Roxbury Road Trail is 8 km. long and is owned by the Department of Transportation. It is open year round.
  • Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail - One of the original Annapolis County Trails, the Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail is owned and maintained by Bowater Mersey Paper Co., Ltd.
  • Mountain Top Cottages Trail - The Owners of the Mountain Top Cottages, provide 4 different trails to explore all colour coded for your convenience. The 1.65 km long yellow trail and the 0.7 km blue trail are the main ones for hiking.
  • French Basin Trail - The French Basin Trail is just perfect for that easy stroll after supper. The trail is 1.2 km long as it follows around the perimeter of the Ducks Unlimited pond that is usually full of wildlife.
  • The Belleisle Marsh Trail - The Belleisle Marsh Trail is another one of the Annapolis County Trails that travels over protected marsh and water fowl land.
  • Old Mill Trail - This is the newest of the Annapolis County Trails and is all wheelchair accessible. It follows alnog the Annapolis River.

  • Cottage Cove Provincial Park - The Cottage Cove Provincial Park is located 13 km northwest of Middleton between Mount Hanley and Port George. It offers a picnic area, a great view of the Bay of Fundy plus nature trails along the rocky shoreline.
  • Riverside Park - Located on Bridge Street in Middleton this park offers a walking trail that follows along the Annapolis River. The park also has a boat launch and a picnic area.

The brook at the Mickey Hill Wilderness Trail, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

Residential Walking Tours

Many of the towns and villages in Annapolis County offer self guided walking tours where you may observe and learn about many of the historic houses, buildings and other historical sites.

These walking tours are great as you can do them at your own pace and lots of information is provided to let you know what you are viewing.

The information comes either from pamphlets and maps you can pick up at the tourist information centers, or by interpretive signage along the routes.

Here are the residential and historical trails of the Annapolis County Trails System.


Sunset over the Annapolis River, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This was a list of the Annapolis County Trails for walking and hiking. If you still would like to find more trails in the Annapolis Valley area make sure to visit the pages with the Kings County Trails or the Digby County Trails.

Your Favourite Annapolis County Hiking Trails!

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One where the scenery took your breath away!

Maybe one hiked with family or your bestest friends!

Did you happen to capture the most perfect photo on the trail?

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Read Comments About Other Annapolis County Hiking Trails!

Click on the links below to read what other people have written about their experiences on Kings County Hiking Trails.

Thomas Lake Rd. 
This is a now abandoned wood road used for years by the Bowaters Pulp Company, now Crown owned. It is sometimes use in early spring by fishing people, …

Our Spring Day on the South Shore Annapolis Trail  
Our Spring Day on the South Shore Annapolis Trail It was one of those both sunny and cloudy days for an outing. We were anxious to breathe in some …

The Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail 
This little trail has some nice little gems to talk about. In the very first part of the trail is a suspension bridge which most kids like to swing …

New Walk in Annapolis Royal 
I want to mention about a new short walking trail in Annapolis Royal which is great for a short walk. There is a small parking lot behind the Fire Hall …

More pictures of Our South Shore Annapolis Trail Spring day Not rated yet
More pictures along the trail

A Strange Encounter  Not rated yet
This happened one beautiful late spring or early summer day. I was taking my daily sabbatical (walk-about) around one of the many walking trails throughout …

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During “Cherry Sunday" in Bear River you could buy the fruit off a cherry tree from a local farmer for between fifty cents to three dollars. Once bought, you would bring the family to spend a day, or weekend completely picking the tree clean of the fruit.

The first white settlers to the Port George area were the Gates family, the same ones known in the area for their doctor’s home remedies. Their popular Gates Invigorating Syrup was supposed to cure everything.

In 1838 the Western Stage coach Company was formed to operate four-horse drawn coaches from Halifax to Annapolis Royal three times a week during the summer and two or three times a week during the winter.

Born in Kentville, Gladys Porter was both the first female mayor in Eastern Canada in the 1940's and the first female to be elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature.

In 1846 a sudden gale like tornado, which was accompanied by hail and thunder swept through the Annapolis County from the westward, demolishing buildings and uprooting trees.

The strong current of the Bay of Fundy stirs up lots of plankton as it travels back and forth. This plankton attracts plenty of herring and mackerel which in turn attract many species of whales to area.

Small railed platforms found on top of many houses along the coast are called a "Widow's Walk".

Nova Scotia does not have an official bird. It is the only province without one.