The Balancing Rock Trail
A Must See Natural Wonder

The Balancing Rock in Central Grove, Long Island, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia

The Balancing Rock Trail is a well-groomed 2.4 km trail through scrubland and soft wood forest. It leads to one of our mystifying natural wonders. The balancing rock really has to be seen to be believed.

This rock is a part of the North Mountain columnar basalt rocks which forms the cliffs along St. Mary's Bay and the Bay of Fundy.

The North Mountain is made of Triassic basalt which is a very hard, heavy volcanic rock which is sometimes found in the form of columns. These columns eventually erode away and fall into the sea. For some reason this one has stood tall for over 200 years.

The rock is attached by two small sections only; you can look through open space under it. It stands so straight and tall you really wonder what is holding it up there. But local folklore tells of several fishermen who lassoed the rock and tried to topple it over. However the attempt failed and they came to the conclusion the rock was not going anywhere yet.

Heading down the trail to the Balancing Rock in Central Grove, Long Island, Digby Neck, NS

The balancing rock is located on land leased from Tiverton Board of Trade on Long Island, Digby Neck. At the trail head is a parking lot, washroom facilities and an interpretive sign.

As you start down the Balancing Rock trail you will find that it is a well-groomed 2.4 km trail. Wooden boardwalks have been built over the wet areas along the way.

The first part of the trail is fairly level until you are getting close to the coast of St Mary's Bay. You will find yourself going slightly up hill until you hit the crest.

Once you come to the crest of the banks you will start down steps to the bottom. There are 235 steps down to a rest area over looking the bay.

The view of the coastline is breath-taking from here and cliffs of basalt rock extend straight up. Looking down you see evidence of many of these cliffs that has eroded and fallen into the water.

Then you see the main feature - the 9 meter high column of rock that seems to defy reason. Looking at the base you will notice that it hangs out over the edge of the ledge, only about half of it actually touching a solid base. Now take a closer look, you will see light through the base of it. There are only two small spots where the rock is attached to anything.

The Rugged Basalt Rock Cliffs found by the Balancing Rock, Long Island, NS

Directions To The Balancing Rock

The wooden steps leading down to the Balancing Rock, Long Island, Digby Neck, NS

Take exit 26 off highway 101 at Digby and follow the signs to Route 217. Take this road to the end at East Ferry. You will come to a big horseshoe turn just before it gets to the ferry dock.

Take the Petite Princess Ferry across to Tiverton, Long Island. Turn left after leaving the ferry and continue for about 4 km until you see the sign and parking lot on your left for the Balancing Rock Trail.

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View Balancing Rock Trail in a larger map

View Balancing Rock Trail in a larger map

Leave the Balancing Rock Trail and return to check out other trails in Digby County.


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