Celebrating Magnolias, that is a different name for a festival! But believe me it is quite an event, or should I say batch of events.
Celebrating Magnolias in the Annapolis Valley
The magnolia bush and trees are cherished for their showy fragrant flowers that open up early spring, even before their leaves. If there is no big frost after they come out, the blossoms can last for 2 - 3 weeks before they fall off. There are many varieties of magnolias that do well in Canada and the Atlantic provinces.

A decade or more ago several local garden enthusiasts planted several magnolias around Annapolis Royal. They were planted in the Historic Gardens, on private lawns and along public roads. The bushes did well and took a good hold.

Today you will find over one hundred magnolia trees and bushes of several different varieties coming into bloom in early May.

Now speaking of early May, what a special time in the Annapolis Valley. The last of the snow is gone; the sun has some good heat to it. Spring blossoms like the early crocus and daffodils are out and many other spring flowers are poking up through the ground. People have been out cleaning up their gardens and lawns. And then they take a drive down town and are taken in by the magnificent blooms of the magnolias popping out!

It Is Time To Be Celebrating Magnolias!

The festival, Celebrating Magnolias was started in 2007 and actually takes in the whole month of May in Annapolis Royal. Oh, one weekend is exceptionally full of special magnolia events, but some of them do last throughout the whole month. Plus there are so many other events happening that month for the purpose of this web page I am going to tell about most of them here.

Several events are listed on this page, please scroll down to find the event that interest you.

The Celebrating Magnolias Festival starts off in early May, usually the first weekend. All through the month you will see different displays and exhibits pertaining to magnolias though. And a walk to enjoy the blossoms is a treat for the whole time they are out.

On Friday evening they start the Celebrating Magnolias Festival off with the opening ceremonies and "Inspired by Magnolias" held at the Chapel Gallery at ARTsPLACE. Make sure to come out and enjoy the exhibit of many various items pertaining to magnolias. There will be paintings, sculptures, pots and many other special items provided by our talented local artist.

If you miss the exhibit on Friday evening, don't worry it will be set up for the whole month.

Also on Friday evening you may want to come out to enjoy the "Wine & Magnolias" sponsored by the Historic Gardens. This is the opening of the gardens for the season and the first of their several wine tasting evenings of the summer.

This evening event specializes in local wines made right here at vineyards in the Annapolis Valley. You may sample your favorite wines, enjoy some treats and listen to the live entertainment. All this while you stroll through the gardens enjoying the lovely magnolia blossoms and all the other beauty of the gardens.

Saturday and Sunday are full of "Celebrating Magnolias" with events, displays and tours happening all over town. Even the stores and businesses get into the spirit of things.
Annapolis Valley Historic Gardens Rody

First thing Saturday morning you are welcome to come out to the "Winter Market. "The winter market goes on all winter long at the Historic Gardens. This will be one of the last ones for the season so make sure to come enjoy some treats, coffee and pick up your fresh produce from the local vendors.

The "Gardens Tour" is held on Saturday afternoon. Every year a few of the local gardeners in the area take part in opening their gardens for a tour. These gardens have been lovingly created and cared for by these people and they would love for you to take part in the tour and experience them.

You may see what gardens are involved in the Celebrating Magnolias Garden Tour and pick up maps of the gardens on tour ahead of time at the Historic Gardens.

Also on Saturday afternoon don't forget to stop by the Farmer's and Traders Market for the annual "Rare and Unusual Plant Sale." This event has become a much anticipated event in the Celebrating Magnolias Festival and is the perfect time to pick up your choice plants and seeds from several different Nova Scotia growers. These growers are happy to help you with planting instructions and ideas so even the most novice gardener can have a successful, beautiful garden.

Sunday brings on the popular "Magnolia Talk" at the Historic Gardens. Find out interesting things about magnolias and other unusual flowering trees in the gardens. The gardens have specialist on hand to give the talks and answer questions.

If you are not looking for anything that in-depth, you may enjoy the "Magnolia Walk and Talk" more. This takes place after the Magnolia Talk and involves a leisurely walk around the Historic Gardens with a guide who talks about the magnolias and other flowering trees there.

As you see The Celebrating Magnolias Festival is quite the full weekend all about magnolias. Make sure to check out posters, blogs and local papers to find out times and cost of each event. Some are free, some are by donation and others have an admission, but it is all well worth taking in. See below for the link to find out more on this great event.

Annapolis Royal May Events

Mother's Day & Father's Day Gardens Style

How about treating your mom or dad to a beautiful day in the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal? Most moms love flowers and strolling through the gardens there will be lots of blooms out for her to enjoy. Dads, well they will certainly enjoy the special events planned just for them at the gardens. Just getting out together with you will probably make their day special.

On these two special days there are many special events planned for either mothers or fathers and their families. There are even free gifts to every mother on mother's day and father on father's day.

To make your mom or dad's day special take them to the Historic Gardens between 10 am and 4 pm on Mother's Day and Father's Day this year.

Check out the Historic Garden's Website to find out more about this event as the time gets closer. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Spring Into Summer

Long about the middle of May one weekend is set aside in Annapolis Royal for their "Spring into Summer" event. On this special day you are invited to tour our various attractions in the area and get a jump on the new displays for the up-coming season.

A few of the attractions that take part with tours that day are the Historic Gardens; Fort Anne National Historic Site; The Sinclair Inn Museum; and the O'Dell House Museum.

Make sure to take advantage of these special tours and see what they are offering this summer.

Check out the Town of Annapolis Royal Website to find out more about this event as the time gets closer. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Historic Gardens Season Kickoff

The middle of May also brings on the Historic Gardens Season Kickoff! This promises to be a whole day of fun activities for the whole family. You are welcome to come sit and enjoy the live music being offered in the gardens that day also.

While there make sure to take time for a stroll around to see all the beautiful spring blossoms out.

Check out the Historic Garden's Website to find out more about this event as the time gets closer. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Black Fly Festival

Yes along with all the beauty of spring, it is also the time for those pesty black flies to come out. But at the Black Fly Festival you do not have to be bothered with them, it is the time to celebrate them!

The Port Royal Legion Branch #21 host a fun day of music and entertainment every year during the middle of May. Starting at 2 p.m. stop in to hear several local area musicians playing their stuff. You will see lots of friends, but no black flies!

To find out the dates for this years festival and a lineup of the performers check out the Legions Facebook Page.

Historic Garden's Spring Gala & Auction

Near the end of May brings the Historic Garden's Spring Gala & Auction. This annual event is a fund-raiser for the gardens, but it is more than that. It is the social event of the season!

Get your tickets early as everyone will be going. You are promised a great meal, quality social time and a terrific selection of artifacts to bid on. You will find artwork, paintings, gifts and plant material to help in your garden, just to name some of the items. Every year brings new and interesting things to bid on.

The money raised goes to the future maintenance and development of the Historic Gardens. The event is held in the Community Social Centre at the Port Royal Legion.

Check out the Historic Garden's Website to find out more about this event as the time gets closer. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Farmers & Traders Market

By the end of May the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market hold their annual grand opening.

For over 30 years now the market has been a weekly tradition for the people and visitors to Annapolis Royal. It has grown to be the largest outdoor market in Nova Scotia. People come to buy their fresh fruits and vegetables, their fine crafts and artwork, their herbs, flowers, soaps, books and collectables, eggs, quilts ... well you name it you will probably find it at the market! Even if you do not need anything it is a great place to socialize or watch and listen to the live preformers.

The Farmers & Traders Market is held at Market Square, across from the wharf every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from May through till October. Check out the Town of Annapolis Royal Website to find out more about this event as the time gets closer. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Well there you have the celebrations for the month of May in Annapolis Royal. It all starts with the Celebrating Magnolias Festival and runs right through the whole month. What a fantastic way to prepare for the summer ahead!

As times and prices change from year to year make sure to check out bullentin boards, blogs, web sites and the local paper for this year's full schedule of events.

Check out the schedule of events for this years Celebrating Magnolias Festival and other events in the Annapolis Royal area on the Town of Annapolis Royal Website and the Historic Garden's Website.