Halls Harbour Treasure

A 1954 Postcard of Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia

The story about the Halls Harbour Treasure is still talked about today in the occasional coffee shop.

It was during the War of 1812 and several pirate vessels were scouring the coastline villages. They were looking for anything they could find of value and taking it. Most of these villages were just simple fishing folk and were no match for the pirates.

One certain sea captain, Captain Samuel Hall was making a fair haul for himself. Among other villages he was picking on one was Halls Harbour, a village along the Bay of Fundy coast.

As in the other villages the people of this village soon grew tired of his attacks. But these villagers decided to take things in their own hands and they planned an ambush of the pirate. The ambush took place on May 30, 1813. Captain Hall managed to escape with his life but without his treasure.

A member of his crew also tried to bury the treasure but he got ambushed while he was in the midst of burying it. He was killed on the spot and lost a lot of blood which covered the ground. The blood of the dead pirate scared the villagers so bad they decided to just finish covering over the hole and leave the treasure alone.

This was a time when superstitions were taken very seriously. For this reason no one dared to go near the spot where the treasure was buried. Time passed and eventually people forgot the exact place it had been buried.

Years later some tried to find the Halls Harbour treasure but unsuccessfully. To this day people still talk about the treasure buried somewhere along the shores and although some still look for it, no one has ever found it.

If you are interested in stories about Buried Treasure then you should read about Nova Scotia's most famous Buried Treasure - The Money Pit at Oak Island. There are several books out there about Oak Island but one of my favorites is Oak Island Obsession: The Restall Story by Lee Lamb. If you would like to read about the Pirates and Privateers who ruled the shores of Nova Scotia then you may want to read Plunder and Pillage: Atlantic Canada's Brutal and Bloodthirsty Pirates and Privateers by Harold Horwood. You can find these books and many more in My Nova Scotia Book Store.


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