Scenic Bay of Fundy Drives

View Scenic Bay of Fundy Drives in a larger map

View Scenic Bay of Fundy Drives in a larger map

A scenic Bay of Fundy Drive can be accessed from almost anywhere in the valley. You can take any one of the numerous roads that travel over the North Mountain to the Bay of Fundy Shore.

By the way did you know that our North Mountain at one time was much, much higher than it is today? Millions of years ago our North Mountain actually would have towered above the Rocky Mountains! It is hard to believe looking at the oversize hill we see today! That is what happens after millions of years of erosion.

There is something refreshing about a scenic drive along the Bay of Fundy on a hot summer's day. The air temperature is a little cooler and the scenery is so breath-taking.

The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides in the world raising an average of 23 feet between tides. The force of the tides has created some of the worlds most captivating and unusual landscape formations making this an interesting place to visit again and again.

When the tide is out you can literally walk on the ocean floor. Just be careful, the tide changes quick and the incoming tide comes in fast. Don't let it strand you where you can't get back.

There are two tide cycles a day, raising and falling every six hours. Of course low tide, or the out-going tide will provide you the best chance to stop and explore the shoreline better. But high tide also provides you the chance to observe beautiful scenery. To really appreciate the height of the tides come back in six hours and see the difference.

A scenic Bay of Fundy drive is also great on those hot, humid summer days as the temperature is always cooler on the shore. You can feel the temperature change as you round the top of the North Mountain, it can be very refreshing.

If you plan to stop and explore the coastline make sure you use your sun block especially on foggy days. It may not seem like it but you will burn faster in the fog than out in the sun.

While on your scenic drive check out the many little fishing villages, explore the many beaches or just enjoy the drive taking in the scenery.


Check out the tides for your scenic Bay of Fundy drive by clicking here.

Looking down on Delap's Cove Wharf area, along the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

Bay of Fundy Drives

I am not going to concentrate on just one scenic Bay of Fundy drive, as the drive along the Bay of Fundy can be broken up into several drives. I am going to tell a little about the whole drive and let you start and end where you would like. I have drawn the routes on the Google map above. All the roads I used over the mountain start off from Highway #1 in the Valley.

As my starting point for the scenic Bay of Fundy drives I am going to head over the North Mountain on the Parker Mountain Road in Granville. It is a nice 6 km drive over the Parker Mountain to the shore. As you are coming down the mountain it almost feels like you are going to drive right into the bay. But you don't, of course, there is an intersection.

First I am going to take a left at the stop sign and follow this road for 10.5 km to Delaps Cove. You will pass through small fishing villages like Parker's Cove and Hillsburn where you will still find several fish plants. If you feel like seafood this would be a good chance to stop and buy your favorite.

Delaps Cove is a lovely little fishing cove with a camp ground and cabin rentals close by. Take a moment here from your scenic Bay of Fundy drive to stretch your legs and walk along the beach and enjoy the scenery.

Back in the car we back track back to Parker's Cove, continuing along the Shore Road past the Parker Mountain Road turn-off. From the Parker Mountain Road it is about 19.5 km to Hampton. Once you reach Hampton, if you turn left by the sign for Hampton Beach, it is only a short drive past the lighthouse and down to the shore and wharf.

Low tide at Parker's Cove Wharf, along the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

At this point you can head back to the Annapolis Valley over the Hampton Mountain Road. Along this road, just a ways past the Arlington Road junction is our own magnetic hill. There is no longer a sign to mark the spot because of the danger of on coming traffic. I have tried this out several times and you really do believe you are coasting up hill!

Another stop to make along this road is about a quarter of the way down the mountain you will see a look off spot where you can get a fantastic view of the Annapolis Valley.

If you decide to continue along for a longer scenic Bay of Fundy drive then from Hampton continue straight past the Hampton Mountain Road and follow the road through St Croix Cove. You will pass over a couple of brooks and if you were to walk along the second brook you would come to St Croix Waterfall. It is a very nice waterfall with a nice pool at the bottom.

At the end of the road turn left and this will take you down to Port Lorne. You will have traveled 8.6 km from Hampton to here.

From Port Lorne you travel back inland for a bit where you can decide to continue on back to the valley, or turn onto the East Arlington road. If you decide to go farther on this scenic Bay of Fundy drive then it is 17 km from Port Lorne to Port George. Continue along the road farther and you will come to a sharp left turn. Shortly after the turn there is a good road turning off in Outram across to Mt. Hanley, or you can go straight and follow the road closer to the Bay shore.

Dunn Islands becoming visible with the out-going tide at Cottage Cove along the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

If you take the road closer to the shore there are several spots you can head down to the shore. One will lead you to Cape N Sand where the strong tides and wind have carved out caves in the cliffs along the shore. It is a bit of a walk to the caves and you have to make sure the tide is going out before you start out so you have time to get back again before high tide.

The next place you will come to is Cottage Cove picnic park. This is a great spot to stop, especially if the tide is out. Across from the park you will see Dunn Rock where the seals have been seen sun bathing during the low tide.

Next place on our scenic Bay of Fundy drive is Port George, a village right along the shore. Make sure to stop into The Candle in the Window Museum and Craft store for the interesting story about Port George and to pick up your hand made souvenirs.

Now follow the road from Port George for 12 km to Margaretsville. Margaretsville is another great place to stop and stretch your legs. You will find a lighthouse, restaurant and an artist gallery here. If you are visiting in the spring or after a heavy rain you may be interested in walking along the beach to the many waterfalls bringing the run-off down to the Bay of Fundy.

You may follow the Stronach Mountain Road here back to the Annapolis Valley, or travel for another 18 km on the dirt roads to Morton. When I visited Morton there was a big fish weir set up there with someone emptying out the fish that was caught in it.

A fish weir set up at Mordon along the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

It is another 14,4 km from Morton to Harbourville along dirt roads, but again the scenery can be great. Harbourville is a very pretty little fishing village where you will find a restaurant and cabin rentals.

From Harbourville the highway 360 will take you back over the North Mountain to Berwick. The roads along the shore from Harbourville to Halls Harbour are smaller roads but passable. It is 23 km to Halls Harbour and you will pass by Black Rock and Canada Creek along the way. There are a few places where the road shoots down close to the shore.

Halls Harbour is a beautiful tourist area with its big lobster pound and restaurant. If you are hungry stop in and pick out the lobster you want and wait while they cook it up for you, you won't be disappointed when you taste the delicious shell fish. After you have your fill of lobster take a refreshing walk along the beach.

From Halls Harbour it is 18 km over the mountain to Kentville, or 15.6 km along the shore to Baxter's Harbour. What a beautiful spot Baxter's Harbour is with its waterfall, salt water pool and little islands along the shore. You will want to stop for some pictures here.

The Look off near Blomidon, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

From here the road will take you inland and along the top of the mountain past the Blomidon Look Off. This is another place you will want to get out with your camera as you can see five counties from this look off on a clear day. You will also look down upon the red cliffs of Blomidon. The sight is breath-taking.

After you leave the look off you can continue on to Blomidon where they have some interesting walking trails along the cliffs in the Blomidon Provincial Park. If you do not feel like walking then follow the road along the coast to Kingsport for more great scenery. From Kingsport you are about 25 km to Port Williams and there are several ways you can take to get there. I like to stay close to the shore where you will go through Habitant, Lower Canard and Starrs Point.

You can easily do this whole drive in a day, but I suggest you break it up into two or three days and take your time to get out of the car and do some exploring.

When I go on one of these scenic Bay of Fundy drives I have been known to spontaneously turn onto any road I find and drive to see where it leads. I see a lot of great scenery this way.

I have not gone into detail of all the great sights you will see during your scenic Bay of Fundy drive, I did not want to ruin the surprises. For more pictures on this drive check out the markers on the map above. Have fun and enjoy your drive.


Do you know about a great spot I missed?

Is there another route along the Bay of Fundy shore that is worth seeing?

We would love to hear about it, or about any of your scenic drives. It is easy to include your story to this web site, just click here to be taken to where you can submit your story.

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The Acadian Gold story takes place in the Annapolis Valley. It is not about one singular treasure but instead tells about the treasure left behind from the Acadians.

One day a Scotsman came to Port Wade bragging that his father had sailed with Capt Kidd. He had a chart and knew that Capt. Kidd had buried treasure at a place called Hudson’s Point.

Way back to the time when Parker’s Cove was a busy little fishing village only accessed by water or by a rough path over the mountain a local man there had the same dream for three nights in a row. In the dream he was told of money being buried at Big Pond.

In the story Rooster Blood, from Port Wade, NS it is said one person did out-smart a guardian ghost.

The story about the Halls Harbour Treasure is still talked about today in the occasional coffee shop. It happened during the War of 1812 when several pirate vessels were scouring the coastline villages.